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About Our Physicians

Because the Dayton Eye Surgery Center was founded by eye doctors, we know what it takes to provide the high quality of care our patients deserve. This is why we only allow the best physicians in the area to join our team. All of them must possess the experience and credentials to deliver superior surgical treatments, but they also have to share our deep commitment to the well-being of our patients. This blend of clinical acumen and personal character helps set us apart from other facilities and is demonstrated by each of our doctors with every patient, every day.

Dayton Eye Associates:

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  • Dr. Adam Cloud
  • Dr. Leah Cloud
  • Dr. David Denlinger
  • Dr. Walter Hartel
  • Dr. S. Fareed Hasan
  • Dr. Amy Kopp
  • Dr. Richard Liston
  • Dr. Paul Moyer
  • Dr. Jennifer Shade

Retina Physicians and Surgeons:

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  • Dr. C. Patrick Carroll
  • Dr. A. Marie Martinek
  • Dr. Bruce Buerk
  • Dr. Scott Schoenberger
  • Dr. Martin Wilkes

Other Doctors in Our Network:

Dr. Stephan Schumann
Schumann and Sprowl, Inc.
(937) 224-0024

Dr. Scott Stork

Dr. Stephan Ward
Rose and Ward MDs
(937) 299-9700

Dr. Marshall Wareham

Dr. Maneesh Mehan
Mehan Eye
(937) 258-4570